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3 Unusual Museums that you must Visit in Moscow

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3 Unusual Museums that you must Visit in Moscow

These unusual museums in Moscow will leave you mesmerized and asking for more. Take good time on hand as you go museum hopping in this Russian city!

Moscow, the capital city of Russia, has numerous museums for travelers looking for educational yet fun-filled activities. So, if you happen to be in Moscow, visit these museums that exhibit astronautics equipment's, artifacts of wars, or different kinds of Vodka. Interesting, isn't it?

Check out following Unusual Moscow museums that are located within easy reach from city centre.

1. The State Museum of Armed Forces

Situated in northern Moscow, this museum offers fascinating (disturbing?) insight of the History of Russian Army. There are regular exhibitions conducted that trace the wartime efforts of Russians as well as celebrate the development of technology backed weapons and equipment. This intriguing museum also demonstrates airplanes, tanks, military equipments', armor, artillery, missiles and railway cars in an outdoor exhibition. From war vehicles to deadly weapons, it definitely has a lot on its cards.

2. The Space Memorial Museum

This museum is situated in the basement of the famous Monument to the Conquerors of Space. This treasury documents the different phases of Russian space exploration and space science development including photographic evidences, research papers, equipment, machines and space-inspired memorabilia. It provides impressive experiences for all cosmic and sci-fi fans interested in Russian space breakthroughs.

3. Yuri Detochkin Carlift Museum

This oft-visited museum is based on one of the best known Soviet films "Beware of a Car."It houses a smart collection of the movie's car salon, along with a confiscated array of tools and criminal evidences left by car thieves. Other exhibits include car theft left-overs such as fake documents, destroyed sirens, maps of Moscow districts, and forged car plates. In a nutshell, people willing to know about Russian car thieves and criminals can visit this museum and have a glimpse of their brutal world.

So, which unusual museum will you head for, when you are in Moscow?