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A stylish gift for art lovers from the museum outlet

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Do you love yourself? Would you like to give an art piece as a gift to a friend or yourself? Are you in confusion about what kind of art you should pick for your home? If your answer is yes, you came to the right place. Not only I will introduce you to Modern Art but also with Egyptian Art as well as tips to set up your home wall art painting. You may have heard the saying "Different strokes for different folks," but I'll suggest the best gift for you from a museum outlet. Let's get the ball rolling.

Choosing a Modern Art

When you enter a museum outlet, it becomes difficult to distinguish the artworks according to their arrangement among the countless number of options. Although many people blend the Modern and Contemporary art in the same frame, once you figure out the characteristics, you will not be on their list any longer.

The artworks that were originated in around 1850 to 1970, you can regard them as Modern Arts. In the meantime, several movements, e.g., expressionism, conceptualism, cubism, surrealism, and abstract expressionism, influenced the work of modern artists in their paintings and art sculptures. Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Jean Metzinger are some of the prominent contemporary artists.

The art containing discrete colored scrawls lay on top of each other that may make you think the painters made plenty of blunders, possibly you are encountering abstract expressionism. In the same way, each painting or modern artwork is carrying aesthetic beauty along with the psychology behind a movement within almost 120 years of modern history, including the first and second world wars and bearing a good deal of expressions. Remember, we are currently living in the postmodern age right now.

Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe by Édouard Manet, Country Road in Provence by Night by Vincent Van Gogh, Family of Saltimbanques by Pablo Picasso are some of the most magnificent modern paintings.

Egyptian Art

Whenever the term Egyptian pop up, we begin to think about the Pyramids and sphinxes. You might want to spend some time to decode the meaning of their hieroglyphics containing different actions or ideas reflected through pictures as well. However, in a museum outlet, you will find products of royal and elite Egyptian works of art such as paintings and sculptures along with small statuaries and amulets.

The Egyptian statuaries are sort of conduit connecting the deceased spirits to the earth. Registers are another level of paintings reflecting the battles of Egyptian armies containing sceneries in parallel orders. So, selecting a gift within Egyptian art will not only bring an out of this world sensation to a home but also give it historical value.

Tips for setting your home wall art painting perfectly

Without a wall art painting, your home will always be incomplete. Putting a wall painting at the right place can fix your mood anytime and make your home look appealing.

  • First, determine the art piece that you want to put on the wall. Your taste comes first then, the adjustment. If your intention is relaxation, I recommend a modern abstract art for you.
  • The magnitude of the painting shouldn't exceed two-thirds of your sofa and should place above fifteen centimeters from the furniture.
  • For a big space, you can consider putting a group of small paintings by the same painter as they will complement each other.
  • Using frames for your paintings can highlight the style of your room either you match it with your furniture or not; it doesn't matter. In most cases, wooden frames go well with any room.
  • If your most meaningful painting gets a matching color in the background wall, it will be the icing on the cake.
  • You can decorate each room on your home on a theme, but mixing many ideas in one place may not be a good idea; however, be open to trial and error.
  • Trust your guts, and it doesn't always need to be pleasing for everyone as long as you are satisfied, encircle yourself with the paintings you love.


A museum outlet is one of the best places for a unique, eclectic shopping experience. Although the outlet is full of antique items, you can always choose according to your preference. If you have picked my brain this time, you deserve thanks from me, and I hope you get the best art piece as a gift from the museum outlet. Take care and spread the goodness.