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Bring the Goodness of Buddha Statues into your Life

By Karan Jain 5 years ago 783 Views No comments

Following what others generally do as a tradition or otherwise, is something humans do brilliantly, but buyers should always know the necessity, usage or the importance of a Buddha statue before actually purchasing one. Read on for more.

Points to Remember Before you Buy a Buddha Statue

Funny as it may sound, at the very onset you must check whether the statue chosen by you is Buddhist in nature or not. Here, it deserves mention that there are many idols of Hindu deities that look similar and are often confused with the creations that depict Buddha. In most cases, hand mudras go a long way in helping the process of identification and should be understood in depth.

When it comes to filling the interiors of these statues, as per Tibetan traditions, stupas, statues, and prayer wheels have holy substances and prayers within them. In accordance to the place from where they hail, most statues of Buddha may not be appropriate for such sanctified fillings. For instance, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai statues are not particularly designed to be filled and are usually crafted out of solid stone or porcelain. So, if you are looking towards buying a Buddhist statue for religious purposes, ensure that the same can be filled; for non-religious purposes, go in for one that can adorn your place of worship, desktop, mantle or just about any other place of your choice in your environment to perfection.

Buyers Beware!

A statue on display at an art retail outlet, traditional handicrafts store, gift shop or an online portal dedicated to the cause of Buddha statues for sale may not give you full returns for your investments. For instance, a particular piece may appear as a traditional Tibetan Buddhist idol that has been pre-filled and sealed. Be careful—the same may be sealed without any prayer materials to its credit, or have nothing but emptiness within. As the act of forcing open a statue to check for inlaid contents may not be appreciable and ruin the piece beyond repair, you need to ask about the authenticity of the same from the vendor. Buying from reliable places that are known for selling traditional religious statues in India and abroad will surely serve your cause.

Quality Counts

While the overall size and physical dimension of a Buddha statue rarely matters, it is recommended that you go in for one that has an appealing face and good aesthetics in place. Traditional and ritualistic Buddhist objects such as butter lamps, water bowls, and mandala sets bring in special benefits if purchased with the right intention, and when crafted with the right material. The same rings true for statues as well. For such statues to be complete and add more value, it becomes important to check for the raw materials that go into their making, information regarding their source, and whether or not they have any religious significance that makes them worthy of the cause.

A Note about Thangkas

As you go about your quest to buy Buddha statues in India, you may be tempted to reach out for thangkas (wall hangings) that may have deities and symbols that do not make much sense. Instead of plunging in and buying the same on impulse, hold back and get an understanding of the accuracy of the product on display. You must not buy a thangka just because it services a great deal; moreover, you should also know how to use it as a holy object. If you are aware of the significance of the same, then you may not indulge in further research and go ahead with your purchase.

Why Are Buddhist Statues Filled?

As per Buddhist texts, keeping empty statues for a long time leads to a reduction in your fortune (energy, health, long life, , material things, health, friendships, etc.). Filling up of home décor idols and Buddhist statues provides great benefits to the body and mind alike, and brings in positive transformations in your life. The statue is not only a shell and contains enlightened speech and mantras within. As Geshe Gelek says, "The statue possesses something which inspires your positive mind while reciting prayers, meditating, etc." so, it is good to approach a monk or practicing Buddhist who can include the right faith and prayers within a statue, before the same is placed in your place or worship, or elsewhere.

Way Forward

Having said this, it makes good sense to go through Buddha statue buying guides and other literature to get a better idea about how and where to procure Buddhist statues, the right ways of filling them with prayers, and the direction in which they should be placed to attract the most value and benefits. In the current retail scenario, there is no dearth of Buddha statues for sale online, but then, you must be aware of the religious and artistic significance of the same; before you click on "pay".

All the best!