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Buy Vintage Furniture to Express your Signature Style

By Karan Jain 4 years ago 764 Views No comments

All geared up to buy vintage furniture for your home but have little idea whether the piece is worthwhile or not? What follows will help you in buying good quality classic furniture for less….

When it comes to investing in good quality furniture, those in the vintage category serve to be the smartest choice. A great way to furnish the interiors of your home in style, the act of buying the same requires careful thought and planning. Remember, buying vintage furniture pieces is vastly different from thrift store shopping, usual garage sales or simple browsing on furniture portals. This is because in this case, you are not looking at merely any used furniture but one that can be attributed to a specific era. To meet the criterion of being truly vintage, the products shortlisted or chosen by you should be 30 to 40 years old, to speak the least. Anything that dates back to more than 100 years would qualify as unique.

Well, this difference may make people like you a wee bit nervous with regards to vintage furniture buys. How do you assess whether it s a good piece or worth its price? Or, how or where do you even get access to an exquisite chair, closet or bed?

Pay Frequent Visits and Find Good Sources

It's good to explore museum retail art stores, vintage furniture outlets, auctions, estate sales and various vintage stores to find that particular piece of furniture that best addresses your aesthetic sense, style and preference alike. Most of these places tend to yield fantastic finds and are a delight to explore over and over again. Frequent visits to such outlets sometimes pay off in the form of striking and exceptionally good bargains for products that may suit your fancy, and interiors, instantly.

Gently Used Furniture is the Best

For obvious reasons, vintage or not, gently used furniture is always a better option than one that has been trashed. Case goods like cabinets, dining room furniture and chests tend to hold up in a better fashion than upholstered furniture. It is not really cost-effective to invest in upholstered furniture that requires refurbishing or regular maintenance acts, so choose your buys wisely.

Pointers to Look For….

  • Furniture with strong bones: It's important to be on the lookout for furniture that boasts of good bones. For example, upholstered pieces with sturdy frames and drawers that slide out with ease are better than those products that have difficult-to-manage edgings, underlying base materials, and so forth.
  • Lesser known brands are value-oriented too: It is not a good idea to confine your search to furniture pieces belonging to well-established brands only. At times, other manufacturers may help you buy vinatage stuff that is less expensive, yet more unique. The only point to remember is that the piece should be of good quality and worthy of your room.
  • Look for quality: Older furniture does not necessarily mean that it is of better quality than a more recently crafted find. Vintage furniture boasting of good craftsmanship and superior material is what you should look for best returns on your investment.
  • Scratches should not act as a deterrent: While it is recommended that you look for well-preserved and gently used furniture, surface scratches should not scare you away. Yes, they can be fixed or professionally refinished for best results.
  • Ensure it Fits: As you are not investing in vintage products to stow them away somewhere, it is important to consider their size, matching abilities, general presence, and all other features before bringing them home. After all, you would not like to invest in something that looks out of place or does not fit to scale in your environment. You may like to take your space measurements along when you visit your favorite retail outlet for vintage goods in India.
  • Re-purpose for greater style: If the piece purchased by you does not fit to perfection in the intended space, then see whether you can repurpose the same for better use. For instance, use a vintage table as a nightstand if fails to fit in that corner near the staircase. Remember, unusual furniture pieces placed in the right way will bring forth your personal style statement in the best possible manner.
  • Search for individual pieces that can be placed together: You may find it difficult to buy an entire set of vintage furniture at a single point of time for many reasons like high costs, irreparable features, bad upholstery, and so forth. Under the circumstances, you can look for individual, high quality furniture that sets together and provides an equally good appeal.

So, get ready to bring your favorite piece of furniture home—today!