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Classic Car Museums that will make you come back for MORE!

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Classic Car Museums

Every year, numerous classic car shows and auctions are conducted worldwide, but classic car museums are intriguing places that can be visited multiple times.

Knowing about cars is one thing and seeing them in reality is another. These museums organize impressive events every week, and their astonishing cars will make automobile enthusiasts like you experience satisfying visits. The following museums are the best places to check out rare car collections, go for them!

1.The Nissan Heritage Museum

Located on the grounds of Nissan's Oppama Motor Plant, Japan, this museum has a stunning collection of hundreds of heritage vehicles. The only problem with this museum is that it is not open to local public. However, authorities allow car lovers to take a virtual tour of its mind-blowing exhibits!

2.Saab Car Museum

The Saab Car museum is located in Trollhättan, Sweden, and houses classic automobiles attributed to the Saab brand since 1947. It treasures more than 120 vehicles from the Saab legacy. There are vehicles here that you might never see anywhere else in the world, including original Saab Sonnets and convertible prototypes.

3.The Simeone Museum in Philadelphia

The Simeone Museum has one of the world's widest collections for racing and sports cars. With the theme, 'The Spirit of Competition', this museum boasts of a coveted collection that has been assembled over 50 years. It contains more than 65 historically significant cars including Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes, Bugatti, Bentley, Aston Martin, Ford, Corvette and Porsche. This museum is surely a dream for all racers and sports car lovers.

If you are a boy racer, gear head, driver or rev head, you really need to check out the above museums and experience the incredible machines that they have on offer.