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Dentists' Concern! World's Best Dental Museums

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Dentists' Concern! World's Best Dental Museums

Established dentists and students of dental science would love to visit these astonishing dental museums of the world - for both experience and entertainment alike!

Beyond the customary sets of museum, let us now have a look about what's in the pocket for dentists! If you are a student and want to have a practical view of your future dental chamber; then, these are the places for you. Also…if you are a practicing dentist and want to explore the experiences your predecessors had in this field, come along!

1. Historical Dental Museum

This is a small but charming dental museum situated at the Temple University School of Dentistry, Philadelphia. It has a wonderful collection of antique dental aids for teaching students. Here, the collection is incredible and the feel is astounding, with each item having been used as a practical tool during some period in history. A fascinating view in the museum is a plaque that reads "PAINLESS PARKER" and it stands beside a long string of teeth. Just below that, you can see a bucket filled with dirty old teeth. A must-have experience for dentists and dentists-to-be!

2. National Museum of Dentistry

Find your smile at National Museum of Dentistry! This is what the official website of the museum claims. This museum is an inspiration for making healthy choices about dental health. The museum is famous for its treasured collection that includes George Washington's ivory lower denture and Queen Victoria's personal oral hygiene instruments. At this venue, you will also find the first earned dental diploma that goes way back to 1841, an amazing collection of toothbrushes since 1800s, and various historical dentifrice containers. Other collections that are bound to attract viewers include a 9th century stained glass image of St. Apollonia, the patron saint of dentistry, extraction instruments since 17th century, and the world's largest coming together of dental advertising poster art.

If you want to do and explore something other than just practicing or studying, then you must visit these places without any hesitation… Yes dentists, you will love it!