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Exotic Degas Sculptures are Multifaceted in Terms of Elegance and Style

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19th century French art would never be the same without Edgar Degas. This French artist has a career spanning decades during which he produced paintings, pastels, drawings, prints and sculptures. He was as multifaceted as each of his creations. More than ever, it is his exquisite craftsmanship that carries over to each of his final products. <./p>

This Parisian born artist was an early exponent of the contemporary art during his time. A son of a banker, Degas descended from the middle class. A typical bourgeoisie, he was a disciple of the 19th century master named Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. Degas revered his master and he offered him a lot of suggestions regarding his art. The Parisian master was an expert at contemporary life. His subject matter also included ballet, bathing ladies, portraits of women at work, landscapes, horses and figure studies.

The angles of Dancers in the Wings as well as Women Ironing and Little Dancer:Aged Fourteen were also some of the best pieces of work Degas has churned out. He was always interested in capturing as well as adjusting his compositions as well as his techniques and styles to provide people with the recognition they craved. From his prints and drawings to sculptures, work by Degas was always made in the 3 dimensions. Many of Degas sculptures were modelled from coloured beeswax whereas others were made of air dried clay and plastiline a non drying clay. The materials were combined in different proportions. Degas commenced his work through use of pellets or beeswax rods.

He was extremely skilled in creating surface textures which absorbed and reflected light. He also worked in plaster. His most famous plaster composition is Woman Rubbing Her Back with a Sponge. Another is Torso whereas a recently discovered work of plaster cast was Head Resting on One Hand, Bust