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Feel the Magic! 3 Top Magic Museums around the Globe

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Feel the Magic! 3 Top Magic Museums around the Globe

Magic in one's perception, art in another's perception. There have to be places that pay tribute to magical engineers; so, are these 3 top magic museums around the globe what you seek?

If you love magic that soothes you in your hectic schedule of life, then these magic museums are a definite place for you. These magic museums are developed for those who respect the most awesome people on our planet….the magicians! So if you are one, make sure you visit these 3 most amazing magic museums of the world.

1. American Museum of Magic

The American museum of magic, once belonging to the famous magician Harry Blackstone, Sr. boasts of a huge collection of magical equipments and illusions. To be precise, the museum contains 2009 heralds, leaflets and window cards, 587 show bills, more than 5000 programs along with 10000 books, 24000 magazines, 46000 photographs, and lots of letters. The museum also showcases magic sets, magicians' scrapbooks, and apparatus. Here, you can see Harry Houdini's "Milk Can" and "Overboard Box", Doug Henning's "Zig Zag" illusion, and Howard Thurston's various magic equipments.

2. Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

This museum is dedicated to European witchcraft and magic and is located at Boscastle village in Cornwall, south-west England. Holding the world's largest collection, it is devoted to folk magic, Freemasnry, ceremonial magic and wicca. The museum possesses many belongings of prominent figures in the magical world, such as a ritual chalice of Aleister Crowley, talismans by Gerald Gardner ,ritual swords, and the altar slab of Wiccan Alex Sanders.

3. The Magic House, St. Louis Children's Museum

This magic house is a non-profit museum for children located in ST. Louis, Missouri. It was founded in 1979 with an ambition of engaging children in hands-on learning experience with magic. The most notable exhibits of this museum are Electro-Static Generator that allows visitors to feel static electricity, Jack and the Beanstalk Climber for providing climbing experience to children, etc.

So magic lovers, here you go! Choose a place, pack your bag and head towards many awe-inspiring experiences that will make you wider-eyed than before!