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Ganesha Statues Make all the Difference to your Environment

By Karan Jain 5 years ago 1268 Views No comments

In India, as well as abroad, Ganesha statues have been making a great impact on the home décor choices of designers and owners alike. As you proceed to buy a Ganesha statue, these tips will come in handy to understand the significance of your choice….

How often have you stared at the bronze Ganesha statue of your neighbor and craved to have one of your own? As you set out to search online ( or in art museum retail stores in India) for the best figurine that brings home this auspicious God to your doorsteps, what follows below will guide your buy.

Significance of a Ganesha Statue

As per Mudgala Purana, a 16th century book, it is believed that Lord Ganesha had 8 distinct incarnations namely: Vakratunda, Ekadanta, Mahodara, Gajanana, Lambodara, Vikata, Vighnaraja, Dhumravarna. Lord Ganesha, auspicious by nature, reminds one of an elephant form with a curved trunk (seated on a mouse), and is never forgotten before the start of any favorable event or festival.

According to the belief of Hindu Mythology, this god is the one responsible for removing all obstacles and resolving every problem. Lord Ganesha statues are found in almost every Hindu home as they are considered as good luck charms. This wonderful and oft-purchased statue is additionally utilized for enlivening any social environment too; it attracts the eye of every visitor, keeps away bad influences, and brings forth prosperity & wellness.

Trunk of Lord Ganesha

If you are about to buy a Ganesha statue , do remember that different pieces may have different trunk postures, which carry different meanings. For instance, the trunk that is bended in form is an indication of the primordial grandiose sound of unwinding and peace, 'Om'. It is a symbol of high mental powers and helps an individual move forward on the path of spiritualism and truth.

While buying a statue of Ganesha, most art collectors are encouraged to buy one that has a trunk that lies to the left of the figure. It is firmly believed that this trunk posture draws in opulence and represents wisdom by generating the power of making a distinction between what's right and wrong.

Buy Ganesh Statue Online: Trunk Curve and its Importance

Dakshinabhimukhi, also known as Valampuri in Tamil, depicts Ganesha with his trunk confronted towards the right. According to a myth, the trunk of this god attracts the sun's energy and thus the name Siddhi Vinayaka or Surya Nadi (sun channel). And yes, the act of paying reverence to the same makes your wishes come true in very short time. If such an idol is placed at home, it needs to be taken care of to the maximum possible limits. It is believed that such idols should be worshipped regularly and as per norms cited by the Vedas, so as to keep difficult times at bay. Because of this, a Ganesha statue with a right facing trunk in place is often avoided by buyers as it may not be worshiped at the place where it is displayed, especially when placed as an art décor item.

A Ganesha statue with a trunk facing straight is not available easily and is very rarely found in temples too. It depicts that the sushumna is open. The trunk facing in an upward direction signifies the merging of sahasrara with kundalini, on a permanent basis.

Placement of your Ganesha Statue

A religious idol serves its purpose to the hilt and brings prosperity when placed in the right direction. In case of a ceramic, wooden, bronze or any other kind of statue belonging to Ganesha, it is well advised to place it facing south to attract good fortune. However, in places where the same is used merely as an accessory, the direction of placement carries negligible weightage.

Where to Find One?

Ganesha statues in India are popularly found in almost all regions and locales in diverse forms and shapes. Across the nation's boundaries, for instance in the beautiful island of Indonesia – Bali, Ganesha is honored as the god of happy beginnings and depicts various implications through the stance of its trunk. In these parts of the world, a trunk confronting left is the indication of achievement while the one confronting right points to repudiating the world.

Placing an idol of Ganesha at the entrance of your home promises to keep all difficulties away and welcomes positivity, energy and prosperity. So, what are you waiting for? Bring home the same peaceful feeling with Ganesha idols in various colors, postures and sizes; they are suitable for almost all areas of your house.

Go for them!