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Have you Visited these Famous Wax Museums in the World?

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Visit Famous Wax Museums in the World

'I saw Brad Pitt!' Enjoy the moment, the dream of meeting a famous personality or a star can be partly fulfilled at these famous wax museums in the world.

Wax figures are an art form that gives onlookers a sense of connection with their finely sculpted features and attributes. These interactive wax statues draw onlookers to click selfies or get photographed while establishing a connection with their icons. Here are some of most famous wax museums around the world that you must visit too.

1. Madame Tussauds London

This wax museum has over 300 exhibits with incredible history behind each statue! The original Madame Tussauds is in London, where Marie Tussaud started making wax models of the celebrities of her time. Most of these wax figures are too realistic and provide interactive attractions that serve to be a lot of fun. So, shake hands with favourite Hollywood stars, or rub shoulders with an astronaut, they are all here!

2. Mammoth Cave Wildlife Museum, Cave City, Kentucky

Since 1969, this museum boasts of featuring some of the greatest and rarest animals on the face of the earth. The exhibit area contains some exotic sculptures of snow leopards, tigers, lions, and many other big animals. It also has a huge collection of marine life, insects, birds and other creatures in their natural environment. Go for it and take some impressive memories home!

3. House of Frankenstein Wax Museum, Lake George

This museum is not just another wax museum; it is a scary and chilling experience! Once you are inside there is no turning back. There are some scary parts that make grown men scream as well! So avoid taking younger kids through these parts. The scary wax sculptures at the Frankenstein Wax Museum are surely not for the weak hearted.

Choosing between glamour, sights of rare animals and insects, or scary wax museums can be a difficult task. But who says you have to choose only one?