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Incredible Underwater Museums that will Leave you Asking for More!

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Incredible Underwater Museums that will Leave you Asking for More!

People, who are curious about what lies beneath the ocean, would love to see these underwater museums with their lively marine life, sunken ships and sculptures.

Ever wondered about the amazing and adventurous world beneath the waves? Scuba diving and snorkeling is the best way to experience the sights and sounds of some of the most bizarre and extraordinary sea creatures, sculptures, and ship wrecks that can be found in the underwater world. Wait no longer; add these incredible underwater museums of the world on to your itinerary – right away!

1. Cancun Underwater Museum (MUSA), Mexico

Spending the day diving, and imbibing the culture of Mexico, is a day well spent. This eco-friendly project, which has now transformed into a world-famed underwater museum, began in 2009. It has over 400 submerged sculpted figures that are exhibited 10 meters below the sea surface. This one of a kind underwater museum is better known as the Silent Evolution. It has sculptures made of marine concrete that conserve the natural reefs of Cancun. The main attraction here is the sculpture of a life sized VW Beetle Car.

2. Shipwreck Trail

In the shallow reefs of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, lies a trail of nine historic shipwrecks with interesting stories behind them. Visitors can explore the sites with the help of an underwater guide and know more about the history of these ships. These shipwreck structures are very fragile and support a varied marine life that can get disturbed easily. So, visitors need to be careful while diving and exploring around these exhibits.

3. Herod's Harbor

The Herod's Harbor is submerged at 20 feet of water and flaunts 36 exhibits including sunken ships, marble columns and giant anchors (dating back to 2000 years) linked to Phoenician, Roman, Jewish, Crusader and British History. This underwater museum is spread over 18,580 sq.ft of area, and is best explored along with an underwater guide.

Are you ready to dive and explore the interesting concepts that make these underwater museums so surreal?