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Learn More About Renoir and His Marvellous Artwork

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir was born during the 1840s in Limoges, France. He began his life as an apprentice to a painter and studied drawing. Following years of struggle as a painter, he launched an artistic movement known as Impressionism during the 1870s. This is the time when he became one of the most acclaimed artists in all of France. The son of a tailor, Renoir came from a humble background. He was the sixth child of his parent. As a teenager, he was an apprentice to a porcelain painter.

He learnt to copy design for decorating plates and dishware during this time. He took free drawing lessons during this time as well under the expert eye and guidance of Louis-Denis Caillouette, a famous sculptor. Imitation became his tool for learning as the 19 year old painter beignet os study and copy the great works hanging in the Louvre. he entered the famous art school known as Ecole des Beaux-Arts in the year 1862.

Following this, he became friends with the likes of emerging talents such as Claude Monet, Alfred, Sisley, Paul Cezanne and more. In the year 1864, he won acceptance into the Paris Salon exhibit and showed his famous painting "La Esmeralda" there. He also had a showing at the the reputed salon at the same time for a portrait of William Sisley. Renoir also took a break from this work to serve in the army during the 1970s. After the end of the war in 1871, he made his way to Paris and some of his friends grouped together to form the Impressionists.

This included Pissarro, Money, Degas and Cezanne. Renoir's exhibits had an element of sunniness in them which was amazing. He also had patrons such as Emile Zola and the Charpentiers. Renoir also had success at this point and he settled down to marry and have a son named Pierre. He finally breathed his last at Cagnes Sur Mer in France. Choose from among numerous wall decors showing his printed paintings at a reputable online art gallery in India.