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Most Unusual Museum of Broken Relationships in Croatia

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Most Unusual Museum of Broken Relationships in Croatia

All chapters of life are important, and people want to preserve their memories…..even the hurting memories of broken relationships. This most unusual museum of broken relationships in Croatia has its own story to tell.

The obsession that attracts human beings towards a museum is the love for the things that are preserved there. Have you ever felt that your pain for a broken relationship can resemble the pain of someone else? If yes, then you may like to visit this museum of broken relationships where you will find memories of people like you. Hmmm….let's see what's there at this unusual museum of broken relationships in Croatia.

This interesting museum (located in Zagreb, Croatia, first shown to the public in 2006) was created around the concept of failed relationships and left-overs in the form of materials or objects. It allows disappointed lovers to overcome their emotional crumple by contributing to the museum's set of collection. This unusual venue is a creation of two Zagreb-based artists who decided to provide a house to their left over items on breaking-up after a four year relationship. Funny…yet exciting, indeed!

During the years that followed, the collections continued to grow and travelled around the world. From 2006 to 2010, amazingly, the museum's collection was seen by 2,00,000 visitors. After a few hurdles in finding a place in Zagreb, the museum was privately opened in 2010, and in May 2011, it received the Kenneth Hudson Award by the European Museum Forum.

This impressive venue is divided into three segments: material remains, virtual web, and confessional. Here, the material remains include objects like photographs, messages and letters. Its virtual web museum is the segment that allows registered visitors to donate their documents and materials. The confessional segment is an interactive area wherein visitors may store their materials or messages, or even record their confessions privately.

Whether you have experienced the pain of a broken relationship, or are lucky enough to value the worth of love, this is the ultimate place to visit!