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Planning to buy Islamic art online? Here are some suggestions

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Planning to buy Islamic art online? Here are some essential characteristics of Islamic architecture and art to guide your buys.

Whether you are keen to buy Asian art sculpture online or invest in Islamic art online, it is essential to gain knowledge about some basic characteristics of the relevant art form. For instance, when you choose to buy Asian art sculpture, it is a good idea to understand what's trending on art exhibitions and auctions online in India, especially with respect to the characteristics of artwork on sale. Islamic art is no different. Before you take the plunge to buy Islamic art online, it is a good idea to understand a bit about the use of mosaics, calligraphy, detailed handwriting, and other prevalent traits in the pieces of your choice.

Islamic art, more often than not, features intriguing patterns of delicate flowers or twisting vines. If you have visited Islamic buildings while exploring the art forms attributed to Islamic artists in India and abroad, you already know about how ornate their work is. A large majority of Islamic art is dominated by added decorations and fine details that are one-of-a-kind. So, if you are interested in Islamic painting, glass, pottery, calligraphy, and textile arts like carpets and embroidery, its best to go online to explore different Islamic art forms before freezing on some.

Typically, Islamic art has always portrayed patterns, either floral or purely geometric. Though human portrayals have also found a place in all eras of Islamic art, they are absent in art forms that are for the purpose of worship. This is because representation of humans is considered idolatry and forbidden in Islamic law. Small decorative figurines of animals and humans may be found in certain places, but overall, portraits are certainly slow to develop.

Explore the many sources of Islamic art in Roman, Byzantine styles and Early Christian art. Pre-Islamic Persian and Central Asian styles, along with influences of Chinese and Sassanian art, have cast their spell on Islamic pottery, painting and textiles. Just go for it.

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