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The Fine Art of Buying Oil Paintings Online

By Themuseumoutlet 3 years ago 1227 Views No comments

In contemporary times, the market for oil paintings online is quite stable and is expected to give far more consistent and better yields than most tangible financial instruments known to me. Ever since I was 24, I had started collecting, buying or selling replicated or original works of fine art. This passion has served as a favorable one in the rapidly changing economy (across the next 35 years of my lifetime). My investments in these tangible assets have always served as a hedge against recession and inflation alike. In most cases, I opt for reputed artists or known names whose work promise to fetch me valuable returns, and do not fade out in time. Here, I have collated some essential guidelines for customers intending to purchase fine art for sale at online museum stores, art galleries and portals, etc.

At the very onset, I would advise those who buy paintings online to invest in famous-named, well-established artists of the kinds of Rembrandt or Durer. The other sure bets are both modern and old masters namely Chagall, Matisse, Braque, Picasso , Miro and many others. If you love contemporary art, then the work of artists such as Calder, Yvaral and Vasarely are the ones to buy to get good returns.

A big challenge for online art buyers lies in the difficulties related to differentiating reproductions from originals in the face of emerging technologies and artistic media put to use for creating artists' impression. Gone are the days when a lithograph, serigraph, or an original etching, could be differentiated from their fake counterparts (they did not showcase the effects of dot matrix). Today, mass media is being used for reproducing images such as off-set lithography, Giclée, collotypes, etc. for reproducing artwork, so you need to be careful while making your buys.

To avoid wrong purchase decisions, it is important to look for:

  1. Numbered and hand-signed oil paintings and art pieces online
  2. Prints with lifetime impressions and documented characteristics of artists
  3. Certificates of Authenticity (COAs) containing factual information, verifiable by external sources
  4. Information pertaining to the artist in terms of date of creation, edition, signature, etc.

So, are you ready to explore the best fine art for sale online with these tips and guidelines in place?