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The Magic of "Old Masters" and 19th Century Artists

By Karan Jain 5 years ago 735 Views No comments

Whether it is about the masterpieces of Giotto di Bondone belonging to the early European Renaissance era or the works of Jan van Eyck (or for that matter Joseph Mallord William Turner) and the romantic landscapes etched by Caspar David Friedrich, the 19th century certainly had a lot in store. As you begin your quest to buy statues and paintings online, you will come across reputed museum art outlets that bring you closer to important names in the world of art.

Read on for quick look into the art history of this period before you go ahead with your decision to buy canvas paintings in India.

19th Century Artists and "Old Masters"

Ivan Aivazovsky: "The Ninth Wave" -oil on canvas - 1850 - Saint Petersburg, State Museum

Born in 1817, to an Armenian family based in Crimea, Aivazovsky ranks high on the list of famous Russian seascape painters. This 19th century winner of a gold medal from the prestigious Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts, is known for his high quality works, most notably the world-acclaimed "The ninth wave". He has more than 6,000 works to his credit and has glorified the Russian navy in most of his large paintings. Today, Aivazovsky works sell at a whopping figure of $3 million at auctions!

William Blake - Newton (1795)

William Blake, one of the greatest geniuses in British art, strongly appeals to local patrons and the universal audience alike. He is oft revered as a primary reference point for Romanticist Art and British culture. His influence inspires artists, writers, illustrators, poets, and musicians with equal flair and extends way beyond visual arts. Blake's narratives and themes included classical poetry and Biblical subjects while his philosophy was underpinned by profound anti-materialism, unorthodox political beliefs, and his belief in the presence of significant spiritual existence. His finest work includes famed watercolour illustrations to famous paintings such as The Body of Abel Found by Adam and Eve (c.1826) and The Bard, from Gray (1809).

Albrecht Durer(Germany, 1471-1528)- watercolour on paper-1495-22.1- 22.1 cm
Paris, Louvre.

Albrecht Dürer , an unquestionable genius attributed to the German Renaissance, boasted of a style that combined sensitivity of Italian Art with the strength of German traditions. He had an undying love and interest for nature, a la Leonardo da Vinci, which is clearly evident in his famous watercolours such as "Hare" or "Grass" exhibited at the Albertina Museum, Vienna. He created "View de Arco" , which went on to become the most sought after landscapes in the history of 19th century Western Art early in life, when he was only 24 years old. This scene depicts uniform illumination devoid of any atmospheric effects, and allows for a detailed representation of mountains, architecture and vegetation.

Other Popular Artists of the 19th Century

The lists of notable painters in this period include:

  • Arcimboldo, Giuseppe Italian Renaissance painter(1527-1593)
  • Federico Barocci, Italian Renaissance painter (1535-1612)
  • Bernini, Italian baroque sculptor(1598-1680)
  • Bosch, Hyeronimus, Flemish Renaissance painter (c.1450-1516)
  • Gustave Courbet, French realistic painter(1819-1877)
  • Lucas Cranach the Elder, German painter (1472-1553), and so forth.
The list goes on and on..............