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The National Museum of Korea: Mecca for Art and Relic Lovers

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The National Museum of Korea

At the National Museum of Korea, the collection is not only impressive but also helps art lovers gain an understanding and appreciation of the Korean history, culture and its people. A trip to this museum introduces visitors to libraries, special exhibition halls, a children's museum, and recreational areas alike.

An Introduction

National Museum of Korea—easily identified from its Dragon Tower rooms and imposing structure, is the state run museum managed by the Republic of Korea. This sixth largest museum across the globe sprawls across 77 acres of land. With over 13,000 pieces on display and more than 220,000 pieces in its overall collection (some dating back 2.5 million years to the Paleolithic era), it displays artifacts and relics via six exhibition galleries of permanent nature.

Early Beginnings

The National Museum of Korea was established as Korea's first museum, with its collection starting from the Imperial museum collection attributed to the Changgyeong Palace in Seoul--one of the grand architectural works belonging to the Joseon Dynasty (14th century). Over the centuries, the museum's collection has extrapolated primarily through donations by private collectors as well as the assignment of several national treasures belonging to South Korea--in the form of objects, treasures, and buildings.

One of most notable collections include a 5th century crown of solid gold, 6th century statue of Buddha in his early years in bronze, a 19 ton bronze bell, a 30 feet stone pagoda, and the painting of a celestial horse.

Exhibition Hall Information

Ancient History and Prehistory and Gallery on F1

The southern section of the Ancient Hall comprises of ten exhibition rooms, which feature different eras, beginning from ancient Paleolithic Age to that of the Balhae Kingdom. Masterpieces and historic relics from prehistoric eras/ ancient times are displayed here.

These 10 exhibition rooms are associated with:

  • Paleolithic Age
  • Neolithic Age
  • The Bronze Age
  • Early Iron Age
  • Proto-Three Kingdom Era
  • Goguryu Kingdom Era
  • Baekje Kingdom Era
  • Gaya Kingdom Era
  • Unified Silla Kingdom Era
  • Balhae Kingdom Era

Early and Medieval Modern History Gallery on F1

If you are looking towards buying museum sculptures online in India, then you may like to go through the art displayed in northern section of the History Hall that consists of nine rooms, named after kings, traditional ideologies, and dynasties (Goryeo to Joseon Dynasty). The historical item and documents on display are easy to understand and interesting for visitors.

These 10 exhibition rooms are dedicated to:

  • External Exchanges
  • Traditional Ideologies
  • Society & Economy
  • Kings & Nations
  • Documents
  • Epigraph
  • Maps
  • Hangeu
  • Printing

Painting and Calligraphy Gallery on F2

When it comes to home decor sculptures art, visitors arespoiled for choice with the large collection of paintings, Korean calligraphy, Buddhist paintings, lacquer ware and woodworking in this exhibition hall that contains four rooms dedicated to:

  • Calligraphy
  • Paintings
  • Buddhist Paintings
  • Wood & Lacquer

Donations Gallery

Here, you will find invaluable culture assets and treasures donated by the likes of Bak Byeong-Rye, Yi Hong-Geun, and others. The exhibition rooms include:

  • Yi Hong-Geun Room
  • Donated Cultural Assets Room
  • Kim Jong-Hak Room
  • Yu Gang-Yeol Room
  • Bak Yeong-Suk Room
  • Choi Yeong Do Room
  • Bak Byeong Rye Room
  • Kaneko Room
  • Yu Chang-Jong Room
  • Hachiuma Room
  • Yi U-Chi Room

Crafts and Sculpture Gallery on F3

Buddhist sculptures, metal and ceramic works emphasize the essence of Korean culture. A must see for those who want to buy Buddha statues online, the exhibition rooms in this section include:

  • Buddhist Sculptures Room
  • Metal Crafts Room
  • Ceramic Crafts Room –Celadon Porcelain
  • Ceramics Crafts Room – Buncheongsagi
  • Ceramics Crafts Room – White Porcelain

Asia Gallery on F3

The Asia Gallery is all about exhibits from Japan, China, and Central Asia and is designed to enhance public understanding of the neighboring countries of Korea. Its six exhibition rooms include:

  • Indonesia Room
  • Central Asia Room
  • China Room
  • Sinan Seabed Room
  • Nangnang Room
  • Japan Room

Visiting Tips

The museum can be visited on all days except Monday. Its hours of operation are 0900 to 1800 (1900 on Sundays) and entrance to the main exhibition is free.