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Top 10 affordable antique and vintage wall Paintings that Look Expensive

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There are so many paintings that are created and shown in museums and galleries day in day out across the globe. But not all of them make history and transcend time There is a select group of wall paintings that people of all ages all over remain to recognize and continue to be echoed and also leave amazing impressions in our minds more and more years to come. These kinds of paintings have gone on to be the most popular paintings in the globe. A particular enigma and charm behind these popular wall paintings is all that makes individuals who view them curious about them. Herein are top affordable antique and vintage wall paintings that look expensive;

Mona Lisa:

This is the most popular wall paint; this was painted during the Renaissance in Florence by a person called Leonardo da Vinci. This was created and named for a member of a certain member from one of the wealthy families of Florence called Lisa del Giocondo. Leonardo da Vinci began this paint sometimes in 1504 and everything was completed shortly before his death in the year 1519. This day, this painting hangs in the Louvre in Paris where millions of people each year round have a chance to see it It's a unique painting that you should consider at all times in life.

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The Last Supper:

This is also another masterpiece that Leonardo da Vinci made. He created a mural wall painting in a certain dining hall in Milan. This wall painting shows the Last Supper that Jesus shared with his disciples and there he told them there is one among them who will later betray him. The painting is believed that it wasn't worked on continuously by Leonardo da Vinci. The painting work started sometimes in 1495 and ended in 1489. It is considered a true sense since it is work done by a genius.

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Starry Night:

This is the work of a popular person called Vincent van Gogh. He is a Dutch artist who did the job in the year 1889. This is among the populous modern culture wall painting that many people all over visits where it hangs to see it This is actually among the permanent Modern Art Museum in New York. It was created to inspire a song called Vincent that was sung by Don McLean. This artist's song references this particular painting and other amazing ones. This is an inspiration that you should consider viewing all times.

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The Scream:

Edvard Munch has created paints that bring alive many things. The Scream was painted by this German Expressionist in the years between 1893 and 1910. This person used both pastels and paints on cardboard to bring about a clear effect on this painting like no other. In this painting, you can see a painting of a man screaming in agonizing pain and a clear dramatic orange sky painted just at the background. It is said that the artist did the painting when in a certain evening at one time he saw a blood red sky that signified the might of nature. A great inspiration indeed viewing like no other.

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This is among Pablo Picasso's popular paintings that show all the war tragedies and kind of suffering that innocent civilians get them through. The wall paint was purposely meant by Picasso to bring the attention of the world about the bombing by German bombers in the Basque town of Guernica. The German bombers did this since they supported General Franco's Nationalist forces at the time of the Spanish Civil War The painting was completed in mid-1937 and it can now be seen in Madrid in the Museo Reina Sofia. It is a great remembrance of all what happened in the old days.

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The Persistence of Memory:

This is actually the most intriguing and most ponder inducing world wall painting all over the world. The painting was done by the Spanish genius called Salvador Dali and it was completed in 1931. It was purposely created to inspire the famous Theory of Relativity by Einstein. It has in many different ways been deduced and understood by different people but then, the Theory states that the works make one wonder all their time all throughout their lives. You can view this painting at the Modern Art Museum in the USA. It's an amazing painting that you should consider viewing all through.

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Girl with a Pearl Earring:

This painting is popularly touted as Monalisa of the North or Dutch Monalisa. This is the work of the famous Johannes Vermeer who is among the popular world artists. The work was completed by 1665 and is such a tronie. This painting depicts solely a girl that wears a pearl earring but then from the painting, its general details and the expressive eyes normally leaves most viewers of this painting baffled by its amazing piece of art. The painting is stationed in The Hague at Mauritshuis Gallery. Make it to view it and have the same at your house to keep you have a view of it always.


The Night Watch:

Rembrandt in the past proved that the Dutch are exceptionally good in the field of arts. The painting by Rembrandt was completed by the year 1642 and it greatly depicts city guards, two in number that is Lieutenant Willem van Ryutenburch and also Captain Frans Banning Cocq that reads like something an army of people out of a particular place. It has details of low night light that has been shown in a surreal manner. This amazing paint sits in Amsterdam at the Rembrandt Museum today and it is actually among the famous ones in the globe that you should consider viewing most.

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Water lilies:

This is a popular French painted Monet; it is also known as Nymphaea by others, a series of paintings that was created by the guy called Monet in the year between 1840 and 1926. The paintings are inspirations behind this person's paintings. It is a great view of all times.

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The creation of Adam:

Creating paint on canvas is not such an easy task but then this was times back done by Michelangelo. He took a step further to disapprove world painters by creating among the beautiful paintings over the globe on the ceilings and walls of buildings. The painting was first made on the ceiling of a Chapel in the Vatican called Sistine between the years 1508 and 1512. The general extravagant features in this amazing painting are what makes it most populous all over the world. Make a view of all it is made of and you will like it most.

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All these are affordable wall paintings that many people see them as expensive. They are amazing paintings that remind us of some occurrences in the past. Get to know all about them today.