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Visit the National World War II Museum in New Orleans

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Visit the National World War II Museum in New Orleans

World War II is a universal concept and having an entire museum built on its artefacts and equipment is interesting to those who love history. So, visit the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, you will love it too!

The National World War II Museum in New Orleans had flung open its doors on 6th June 2000, when it was the 56th anniversary of the D-Day! Originally located in Louisiana Memorial Pavilion, today, it has expanded to include the Solomon Victory Theatre, U.S. Freedom pavilion, John E. Kushner Restoration pavilion, the Boeing Centre, and Road to Tokyo pavilion.

This amazing museum houses multiple exhibits that highlight important memories of the World War II. The museum bespeaks the story of World War II and describes the lives of Americans during its times, and the heavy price they had to pay to gain freedom from the prevailing adversities.

The Louisiana Memorial Pavilion allows a 5-minute train car experience for visitors to experience real-life sounds, recreation of sights, bittersweet returns, and emotional farewells of about 16 million people who were involved in the War. Additionally, its galleries tell soulful stories about those who experienced tortures and first-hand tragedies as a result of all that unfolded during those times.

The Victory Solomon Theatre Pavilion is situated in a 4,362 square foot area that seats up to 246 visitors. It has a 120 foot wide screen featuring a 35-minute 4D cinematic movie called 'Beyond All Boundaries'. The movie uses 21st century technology to demonstrate the 20th century struggles of World War II.

Additionally, the John E. Kushner Restoration Pavilion has an exterior wall made up of glass; it allows visitors to view the world of museum workers and their contributions in restoring and preserving the artefacts of the World War II. At this venue, real weapons, notorious boats, military equipment', and other priceless pieces are displayed to demonstrate the past in a nutshell.

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