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Way to go with Timeless Movado Museum Watches

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If you have already invested in decorative sculpture for the home and now long to make heads turn with the most exclusive museum watches that money can buy, then you may like to take a look at the timeless watches attributed to Movado Museum. Read on for more.

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Very few things in life are more iconic than the single dot showcased at twelve o'clock on Movado Museum watches that remain as the single most recognized design to take birth in the Swiss watch-making industry. Conceived originally by Nathan George Horwitt, as a minimalist sleek timepiece, the design slowly evolved into different incarnations that featured luxurious materials as well as complicated watch functions. Horwitt was a proponent of The Bauhaus Movement which incorporated fine arts in the creation of various crafts, architectural bent, and a distinctly modernist approach in ideas.

Yes, all these features were visible in the watch collections of the Movado Museum

The Original Design

The original timepiece boasted of a sleek black face with a black watch band and a prominently placed dot at high noon. Extremely dramatic in appearance, this wrist watch was the very first of its kind to be exhibited at the famous Museum of Modern Art; giving it the name of a "Museum Watch". Since then, it has spawned an entire series of classic and sleek watches that prove to be true to the foolproof and modernist tradition of the original.

Contemporary Movado Museum Watches

If you happen to visit a museum jewellery shop, you are sure to find watches with complicated automatic movements, multiple functionality and minimalist aesthetics. The Museum Minute Repeater is a unique timepiece in platinum that is simple in looks and comes with an intricate minute repeater that allows readings in the dark. It sports a mechanized stem with a smart winding movement that is visible through the sapphire watch case. Additionally, there is a discretely positioned slide lever that is capable of being activated for chiming hours and minutes. Along with the Museum Minute Repeater, there are many other museum watches for sale that successfully enhance the wearer's personal style—are you ready for them?

Watches in the Jewellery Segment

The Museum collection on offer by most stores has inspired watches to become an eminent part of the jewellery segment. For instance, The Movado Ono is a striking work of art that elaborately plays on the dot motif, while maintaining the brand's sleek aesthetics. This watch comes with the classic dial but looks more luxurious because of its creative bands and radiant diamond bezel. Timepieces such as this serve as classy examples of Movado's tradition of unique Bauhaus fashion married to modern elegance.

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