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Weirdest Museums in the World

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Explore these Weirdest Museums in the World

Social history with some dignified collections? Certainly not! Here are some of the world's weirdest museums with their idiosyncratic collections.

Planning a trip to the museum and want to make it fun-filled too? There are many weird museums that showcase attractions like odd architecture, strange subject materials, or underwater exhibits to make you go "wow!"

Here are some weird museums in the world that are dedicated to the strangest things that you may ever imagine.

1. The Dog Collar Museum; Kent, United Kingdom

Dog lovers would love to see a collection of dog collars that span almost six centuries! This Dog Collar Museum features an assortment of 130 pieces of dog collars that has been built up over the years. Here, the early 15th century dog collars are covered with spines for protecting their owners against wolves and bears. The 18th century dog collars are made of leather, thus making them more decorative and less functional. Are you still asking for more?

2. Museum of Broken Relationships, Croatia

This museum is about getting entertainment out of heartbreak. Sounds weird right? Winner of the Kenneth Hudson Award given for being Europe's most innovative museums, it has some unique exhibits including a knife that a woman used to destroy her ex's sofa, mattresses and pillows! Here, visitors have donated rings, Valentine's Day gifts and some other ruins of a broken relationship. The collectibles in the museum are growing over the years.

3. The Museum of Bad Art; Dedham, Massachusetts

If you thought that only rare collection of quality art work are found in museums, then think again! There is a museum dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all forms. Yes, this museum boasts of a collection of over 500 pieces of 'art that's too bad to be ignored'.

If you are interested in something off beat, then do try and visit these museums for weird yet interesting experiences!