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What you should Know before Buying Bronze Sculptures

By Karan Jain 5 years ago 753 Views No comments

Bronze Sculptures

Antique bronze sculptures are known to blend in with almost all kinds of design elements or other standout pieces of art. Ever since ancient Greek craftsmen first developed their skills of casting beautiful sculptures from bronze, buyers and art collectors have been looking towards adding that much needed touch of elegance to their homes, offices, stores and other interior décor through this medium.

Before freezing upon their purchase, buyers like you need to know a little more with regards to the different materials used for the construction of bronze sculptures, and also figure out the ways of knowing an original from a reproduction. Read on for more.

Styles of Decorative Bronze Sculptures

With bronze being a favored raw material for craftsmen across centuries, there is a wide range of bronze sculpture that's available for interested buyers to choose from. As you set out to buy bronze sculptures, you can get a fair idea about their time period, aesthetic tastes and style, all from the way in which the same have been crafted. While some buyers lay focus on purchasing pieces that enhance décor schemes by focusing on particular time periods, others choose to create their very own eclectic interior designer look by going in for a stand-alone piece or juxtaposing styles from different time periods.

Art Bronze Sculptures

Decorative arts sculptures in bronze boast of an aesthetic and functional appeal alike. A popular material used for sculptured clocks and lamp bases; bronze figurines are best used for adding a strong focal point to mantels and tables. For those who wish to get natural illumination via their bronze sculpture, ornate bronze candlesticks serve to be a great buy.

Asian Bronze Sculptures and Art

Museum retail art pertaining to ancient Asian civilizations, in the form of beautiful bronze sculptures, appropriately reflects the design and style of almost all regions in Asia, from China to Persia and beyond. Most often than not, mythical or native animals such as elephants, dragons or phoenix are depicted in such pieces of sculpture. Buddha bronze sculptures and statues are created to produce

meditative or ceremonial pieces too. Buyers wanting to create a feel of eclectic décor in their environment can go in for sculptures representing the art of India, Japan, Tibet, Thailand and so forth.

Late 19th to 20th Century Sculptures in Bronze

Bronze as an art material was well suited to adapt to the abstract art styles related to modernism, art deco, and art nouveau that made their presence felt in the late 19th-early 20th centuries. Famous bronze sculptures of the likes of The Little Dancer by Degas and The Thinker by Rodin were also made of bronze and can be attributed to the same period.

Art style

Design elements

ModernismAbstract representations and geometric shapes of animal and human figures
Art NouveauOrganic lines that have been inspired by nature and have asymmetrical compositions
Art DecoAngular composition, straight lines and symmetry

Buyers interested in sculptures belonging to this time period find it essential to consider the existing interior design scheme in their home and then select a modern art style and design that complements their décor, the best way.

Originals vs. Reproductions

With the right craftsmanship and replicating technology in place, bronze sculptures can be easily copied to make excellent reproductions that are usually smaller in scale than the original piece of art (or of the same size). These replicas are great options for those decorating on a budget. If original bronze sculptures are what buyers are looking for, then there are certain authentication materials that need to be considered to provide evidence with regards to the provenance of the pieces in the reckoning. Firstly the sculpture should contain the signature of the artist and a certificate of authentication (hand signed) should be supplied along with the same. In case the certificate is lost over time, then a substitute certificate of authentication, signed by a third-party appraiser, can suit the purpose.

Buying Bronze Sculptures

Typically, if you are looking towards purchasing antique bronze sculptures in the form of an investment, then you should obviously focus on thoroughly appraised original sculptures. These high value sculptures are available in every imaginable size and style, with both reproduction pieces and originals being found in auction houses, fine art shops, antique stores and museum retail outlets in India. While it is important to determine whether the chosen piece is fashioned from bonded bronze or molten bronze to narrow the focus of search, it is equally important to factor in the style and art form of the bronze sculpture that best suits your design objective, so as to impart years of enjoyment.

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