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Shou Xing Gong is the Chinese deity of longevity. Legend holds that Shou Xing Gong began as a star in the southern constellation Argo, and he is sometime referred to as the Old Man of the South Pole. He is easily recognizable by his over sized forehead, representing wisdom, and his extra long beard, which is meant to literally demonstrate a long life. Shou Xing Gong is always depicted holding a long staff and a peach, both symbols of longevity themselves, and said to come from Xi Wangmu’s magical peach garden found in Heaven. Xi Wangmu is also called Yin and is the personification of femininity and the Chi energy of the same name. The peach trees in her garden only bloom every 3,000 years. The longevity god carries the peach of immortality as an offering, showing that long life may be bestowed upon those who pay their respects to Shou Xing Gong.

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