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About Us​

Art is not limited to paintings and sculptures housed in distant museums – it is also expressed through clothes and music, films and fashion accessories, books and glassware, pervading every aspect of our lives. Art is not bound by the high walls of distant museums, but can become part of a private home with ease, and this forms our philosophy at The Museum Outlet, which we promote and bring to the public. Through our association with the leading museums of the world, The Museum Outlet has the exclusive opportunity to recreate classic works of art in the form of paintings, sculptures, jewellery, porcelain, glassware, and other treasures of the world’s public exhibits, and bring them within an arm’s reach.

We have a 75-year association with Indian and World Art, bringing their timeless works to your doorstep. Our collection includes both adaptations of original world-famous artist’s works, and also faithful reproductions of jewellery, glassware, and other items from their original forms in ancient and historic periods of Egyptian dynasty, African tribal works, Russian monarchy, and many more cultural treasures. We have a rich collection of books related to art history, significant artistic movements, and great artists from around the world. The appeal and atmosphere of private home interiors are greatly enhanced with our interesting and unique line of desk decorations, and we also offer handbags – featuring bespoke prints, artistic designs and unusual patterns – not to be found in any other store, retail or online.

All of our adaptations are masterfully conceived by expert designers and craftsmen under the careful supervision of renowned artists and scholars. Each piece is researched and conceptualized by artists and art historians, the evidence of which can be seen in every nuance of each perfectly-rendered piece that we create. Individuals or companies are welcomed to enquire about the purchase or selling of our products; and we welcome you to bring the world’s fine art into your home today through The Museum Outlet.

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