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CEO Letter​

Dear Patron,


I wholeheartedly welcome you to The Museum Outlet!

The Museum Outlet is a privately-run organization partnered with prominent museums worldwide. As exclusive licensees for nearly a decade to New York City’s prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art, we led the Indian market of museum artwork reproduction, and set the Indian standard for worldwide affordable art sales. I founded The Museum Outlet in connection with my family’s longstanding involvement and association with both Indian art and the arts of six world continents, and I have been proud to take the next step and bring the arts of the world straight to your front door. My vision for The Museum Outlet has been a collaboration with very dedicated individuals who appreciate World Art, adore Culture, revere History, and honour the Museum as the foremost institution of sharing humanity’s finest works with the public. In only our first years of business, we were able to establish ourselves as one of the premier distributors of fine art reproductions in all of Asia.

Our longstanding personal bond with the world’s principal art historians, designers, master craftspeople, and many different museums gives The Museum Outlet the opportunity to make a wide array of fine art merchandise available to everyone. Based on original masterpieces from the vaults of the finest museums in the world, these elegant items have been painstakingly researched and conceived by our art history associates in collaboration with our expert designers. Our items are accompanied by a descriptive card providing information on their origin, history, and importance.

Despite the for-profit nature of our business, I have striven to ensure that The Museum Outlet, through its alliances with various non-profit organizations and Museums abroad, confidently provides direct access to the works of Indian artisans and craftspeople – promising greater visibility and recompense for Indian arts and crafts. This is one way that we can make a difference for those artists whose work all too often goes both unsung and undercompensated. Our fair-trade initiatives have been launched in support of our sister organizations, furthering our educational mission of widening global public awareness and appreciation of art. In the process, we hope to leverage our longstanding sales networks for the revival and promotion of traditional Indian art and crafts. We take pride in being able to offer fair-trade products, and we’re happy to supply any information about our practices and products with an email sent to us at ft@themuseumoutlet.com.

I invite you to bring some more art into your life – or send an artistic gift to someone who will really appreciate it!

Karan Jain
The Museum Outlet
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