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Investor Relations

At The Museum Outlet, we regularly invite national and international investors, established artists, art collectors, wholesalers and potential investors to understand our passion for art. The network of museums and international licensed stores that we work with, consist of relationships with the finest retailers and investors from all across the globe. Investments in The Museum Outlet We take pride in housing and displaying an inexhaustible collection of products that demonstrate the complete range of aesthetic approaches, recreation techniques and other possibilities within this domain. Through our numerous art auctions, exhibitions, events and openings; art lovers and community members have the opportunity of meeting exhibiting artists and connecting with local and international collectors. By investing in our operations, you can look forward to becoming an integral part of an elite community that reaches out to the most reputed art institutions, museums and art stores in the world. Investors –Role and Areas of Engagement All investments will be used for conceptualizing and manufacturing new merchandise with museums in India and abroad. As an investor in our ongoing and future operations, you will be playing a vital role in procuring exclusive licenses and importing merchandise, setting up retail outlets in India, and promoting our brand and products.

Are you the Right Investor for TMO?

We are looking towards joining hands with individuals, investors and institutions that share a passion for the preservation, promotion and education of history, art and culture. If you are one of them, then we shall be happy to get in touch with you with our ideas about expansion and other related operations.

Our Investor Relations

We take pride in maintaining ourselves as a transparent company and strive to attain the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We always focus on recreating and selling products that remind our patrons of the best museum collectibles worldwide, along with stocking some well known masterpieces in their original forms. We firmly believe that our reputation evolves from the kind of work that we do, and the same has to be earned and not merely marketed for. The fruitful relations with all our investors are also an extension of these core values.

Why should you Invest in The Museum Outlet

Our management, Board of Directors, and employees are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance and business ethics. We believe in timely disclosures, stringent internal control systems, transparent accounting policies, and an independent Board that goes a long way in preserving investor trust while maximizing the value on your returns.

Way Forward

Overall, our investors have unflinching faith in our abilities that can be attested through our years of success, in each aspect of our business. We strive to maintain long lasting relationships with all investors like you and appreciate the unconditional confidence that you put in our services, products and expertise. You serve to be a key element of our growth chart and daily operations, along with helping us gain the building blocks to achieve our objectives, goals and values.

If interested, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to offer a closer insight into the passion that guides our business concept.

Let’s keep the same passion going!

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