There’s just something about Egyptian art that reminds you of an era when art wasn’t forced or just created for money. Simple work was stylized and symbolized but yet had an aesthetic appeal that deemed itself as art. The truth is that Egyptian artists had little to no freedom to express themselves in the paintings and sculptures. Most of the work was created to link religion, life, death, and afterlife. These pieces of art later became masterpieces that were wanted by many. After all, it is the only connection to the life of the Egyptian royalties that live to tell their tales! You can easily Buy Sculptures and choose from a wide range of options.

These can make the perfect gifts too since they add a touch of beauty and a hint of love for historical culture.

Beautiful sculptures can add the right amount of sophistication to a room, be it a home or a museum!

Here are 10 amazing Egyptian art sculptures will make the perfect gift::


Obtained from Musee de Louvre in Paris, France, this work of art is a beautiful reproduction of the original Anubis sculpture. It stands at 11.81 inches and is 1.7kgs. It is made from all-natural resin in a beautiful greyish black color in honor of Anubis, the God of death (mummification). He is shown in his jackal form and was around during the reign of Tutankhamun.

 Goddess Bastet as a cat:

 Although this exceptional feline might be a little on the pricey side, a standing ovation is what it deserves. A smooth, shiny black sculpture, the cat seems to be coming to life! Created in its honor, ‘Myeou’ was imported to Egypt in 2100 BC. The bronze beauty is made to represent Goddess Bastet, who was tamed under the wrath of Gods to become calm and gracious.


 Lady Tuy:

 This beautiful reproduction is of pure resin in honor of Lady Tuya of the 1400 BC and the 18th Egyptian dynasty. She was the wife of Pharaoh Seti I and one of the most elegant women of the Amenophis period. When you are looking for the right gift, you can find these Egyptian Sculptures for Sale at the best rates.

 Egyptian Bronze Mirror:

Egyptians did love their daily commodities to be classy and upgraded. You can see it from this beautiful bronze mirror, which is held up by a small statue of a woman. The item was a cosmetic accessory used by an Egyptian lady during the End of the New Kingdom (1300 BC). Even though this is a beautiful sculpture, as a gift, it can also be used to do your makeup!

 Egyptian Sphinx Candle Holder:

 Almost everybody has heard of the famous Sphinx. He was the embodiment of a sincere and kind guardian. The original sculpture is known as a living structure that combines the head of a human with the body of a lion. Sphinx was supposed to have the intellect of a human but the strength of a lion. This is the perfect gift, although there are many such ideal sculptures. It contains Egyptian art, all while being a fun candleholder!

  Ankh Box:

 The Ankh is an ancient symbol that was only used by Gods, Kings, and Queens. It indicates the ‘breath of life’ that they offered mortals. During purification rituals, a God or King would use this to show that mortals were lesser beings who were under their power. The tomb of Tutankhamun held it within. Apart from the historical significance, this can also be a neat box to store small things!

  Cartouche Box of Tutankhamun:

The French word ‘Cartouche’ means oval ring, and French scholars used this to indicate the shape in which Tutankhamun’s name was written. This box was a treasure in his tomb with his name encircled. It means that the King was the ruler of whatever the sun circled. The little box has different symbols on them, and it is perfect for a gift because of its historical relevance and storage use for earrings or small accessories.


The Coffin of Tutankhamun:

 After being mummified, his mummy was in a beautiful gold coffin that was in two wood tones. The reproduction is of the middle coffin that is in solid wood and thick gold wrapping. There are beautiful stones used for all the accessories that sparkle amongst the gold outline of the King. This beautiful gift is perfect for even those who don’t know much about the history of Egypt.


 Egyptian Musicians:

 During the Egyptian period, music was for relaxation and entertainment. The harp was mainly used, and the flute followed second. The tomb of Nakt holds a painting of three women, one of them plays the harp, the other a flute, and the last, a norva. The norva was similar to a banjo but was from a turtle shell. This beautiful reproduction is of stone polychrome with a smooth finish. It shows these three women in transparent clothing with head accessories consisting of incense sticks to keep their hair and body smelling good. This mesmerizing sculpture makes the perfect wall decoration and can be the perfect gift you are looking to give

Ankh Candle Holder:

Since only Kings and Queens were allowed to make use of this symbol, it meant that the Ankh had elements of both water and air. The person who wore or had it was supreme and had the power to take lives as and when they felt like it. Life, potential, and stability are all in your hands when you are holding this symbol. What’s even better is that this ancient symbol is now a candle holder for an ideal and valuable gift!



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