Home decor is part of the art of interior decoration which creates an aesthetic look and comfortable atmosphere through the use of compatible designs, colors, light, furniture, and materials.  The term ‘home decor is quite vague and can include a wide variety of things ranging from furniture to wall decorations, wallpapers, posters, lighting,  etc.

Giving your home a makeover is a kind of art because it reflects your mental state, personality, and interests. You decorate your home with the right items and place them in a way that soothes you the best.  There many ways in which you can spruce up your place, and if you are looking for the home decor for sale, you can find everything online.

Here are ten interesting facts that you should know about home decor:

Home decor is different from interior designing

Interior designing makes efficient use of space; it creates new spaces, works with new angles, etc.  Interior decoration, on the other hand, is faced with the task of furnishing the space. solely focus on equipping the area or filling it with beautiful or classy furniture and items. An interior designer would be willing to decorate, but an interior decorator would not be able to design a space.

Home decor dates right back to prehistoric times

If we have a look at the caves, we will notice drawings on the walls, animals skin, fur, and a few other items that were used to make them feel more at home. Obviously, since then, we have developed things that were not thought of back then. Apart from fancy technology, we have wall decorations, furniture, and Statues for home decoration. So many options to choose from, so many fun items to use.

Functional home decor makes use of psychology

Ever noticed how a small room can sometimes look larger than it is? Or how a larger room manages to look cozy and comfortable.  The right decor tricks the eye into making a space seem much different than it is. If you want to make a small room look more extensive, you will need to use less furniture, keep enough space between them and add more light to the room.

There are thousands of home decor TV Shows:

I’m sure you’ve at least seen a few TV shows where they spruce up their place or hire an interior designer or decorator to do the job. Although there are plenty of interior design shows, they all involve home decor, along with the best technology or designs. These shows have gotten very popular because most people look forward to learning more about how to decorate thoroughly, and it’s also entertaining and pleasing.

Home decor varies in different countries

What might be in fashion in France might have already been used years ago in Germany.  Everyone decorates uniquely, but in countries, people often have a similar taste, or they end up using what they find locally.  That’s why watching TV shows and researching more can expand your horizons and tastes.

 There are apps to make home decoration easier

Many virtual apps have been released, which make everything pretty simple. You can design your home, choose from a wide variety of furniture, plan out all your rooms, and then use that for your designing and decoration in real life.

Minimal decoration has been the theme for the 21st century

Although more was better in the past, it isn’t anymore. People have been trying to keep their designing to a bare minimum as well as their home decor. Everybody seems to prefer classy spaces with less furniture but more sophistication. If your room looks a little too bland, you can always look for home decor statues online.

Interior decoration and designing as a subject:

As a subject, both interior decoration and designing can be undertaken and studied right up to a doctorate level.

Certain aspects of home decoration never go out of fashion:

Having plenty of light in a room is something that will never be done away with because no one would ever want to see a dull and cramped room.  More light can make a space look brighter, bigger, and pleasant.

 Interior decoration was a risk in the Victorian Age:

Many paints had chemicals in them and were hazardous. Paintings and other articles were created the same way, and although it was poisonous, people still wanted to decorate!


Home decor is a fun way to spruce up your home or any other internal space, but some tricks and tips can make it easier for you to do so. These fun facts are a great way to add to your knowledge and pass some free time.