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Amun-Ra, God of Kings and King of Gods. The oldest and longest venerated ruler of ancient Egypt, Amun, meaning “hidden and Ra meaning “light translates to “hidden light”. The sacred creature of Amun is the ram with curved horns. This image was probably suggested by the ram’s procreative energy, a symbol to his aspect as a God of fertility. “Woserhat, the gilded, festival boat of Amun had a ram’s head at its prow and stern, and the processional roads to his temple were flanked with ram-headed lions. Pharaohs repeatedly called themselves “Merry-Amun or Beloved of Amun. Also, since the ruler was “Son of Ra it followed that Amun was father of the Monarch. As God of the Theban capital, Amun attained the position of supreme state God in the new kingdom, and as Amun-Ra was identified with the Sun-God. Lastly, the God “He who abides in all things, was imagined as the soul (Ba) of all phenomena.

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Egyptian Museum, Berlin



8" (20 cm), Egyptian Black stone finish



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