Archangel Raphael


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Raphael means “God has Healed. Raphael is above all the Angel of Healing as his name denotes, but he also is the chief ruling Prince of the 2nd Heaven, Chief of the Order of Virtues, Guardian of the Tree of Life in Eden and by his own admission “One of the 7 Holy Angels that attend the throne of God. This he reveals to Tobias in the Book of Tobit. He is declared to be “One of the Four Presences set over all the diseases and wounds of the children of men(Enoch 1), and in the Zohar he is “charged to heal the Earth. Raphael is one of the six Angels of Repentance, Angel of Prayer, Love, Joy and Light. He is said to have the six wings of a Seraphin but at the same time belongs to the Cherubim, the Dominions and the Powers.

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Los Angeles County Museum of Art



13" (33 cm) Wall hanging, Stone finish polychrome (color detailed)


Greek and Roman Art


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