Caryatid Figure Seated Abstract Woman by Modigliani


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In 1912, the art of sculpture seemed to have taken a heavy toll. Modigliani was completely exhausted by the heavy and dusty work. He was forced to devote his attentions once again to painting and was inspired by Cham Soutine, his new neighbor. He was particularly impressed by the technique and definitive lines of this Lithuanian Impressionist. Modigliani chose the caryatid as the subject of his art on a number of occasions. Originally the Caryatid (Kariatide, 1913) was a pilaster in the form of a sculptured female figure, illustrating how sculpture continued to play a role in his paintings. Amedeo Modigliani’s work is recognized immediately by many people because of the typical elongated shapes. His paintings show his passion for sculpting, a craft which he had to give up in 1915 due to ill health. Part of the Parastone Museum Collection.

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