Elamite Cuff Bracelet
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Elamite Cuff Bracelet


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Susa, the major city in ancient Elam, was founded about 4000 B.C. in what is today part of Iran. By the beginning of the second millennium B.C., Susa had become a rich metropolis at the crossroads of a highly developed trade network. Excavations of the ruins at Susa have revealed many vestiges of the Elamite civilization. The timeless design of this bracelet is based on jewelry unearthed from tombs at Susa made in the early 2nd millennium B.C. Produced in cooperation with the Reunion des Musees Nationaux. Sterling silver. Circumference 7 1/2 in.; width 2 3/4 in.

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In cooperation with the Reunion des Musees Nationaux


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