Etruscan Bead And Pearl Necklace
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Etruscan Bead And Pearl Necklace


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Etruscan civilization, established in the region of Italy now known as Tuscany, reached the height of its power during the 7th and 6th centuries B.C. Although the Etruscans spoke and wrote their own language, they left behind no comprehensive written history. Much of what is known of them comes from the remains of their material culture that were preserved in clusters of tombs. The 19th-century discovery of Etruscan burial grounds revealed tomb chambers abundant with wall painting, sculpture, and extraordinary examples of elegant and highly ornamented jewelry that revealed an astounding technical brilliance in goldsmithing. Our Etruscan Bead and Pearl Necklace is adapted from a set of 7th6th century B.C. Etruscan beads made of precious metal granules fused together. Produced in cooperation with the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.
Sterling silver with gray cultured freshwater pearls. Approx. length 17 in.

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In cooperation with the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore



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