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She is one of the four protector goddesses who, with gracefully outstretched arms protect the gilded wooded shrine that houses the alabaster chest containing the four canopic jars which hold the royal viscera of King Tutankhamun. Her responsibility is to protect Qebehsenuef, god guarding the intestines. She is usually represented as a lady whose head is surmounted by a scorpion with it’s tail raised ready to sting. Selket has healing powers over venomous bites and she was patroness of magician-medics dealing with poisonous bites. She was also known as “lady of the beautiful house referring to her association with the embalmer’s tent. Here she is dressed like a queen. The khat headdress adorns the head and tumbles down over the back; a large collar covers the shoulders. The pleated shawl is tied at the waist, partially covering the elegant, long pleated robe tied with hanging sashes. Selket turns her head slightly to one side as if to ward off some danger.

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Egyptian Museum, Cairo



8.25" (21cm), Gold finish polychrome (color detailed)



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