The Eternal Idol, 1889 – Rodin


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Throughout Rodin’s career, the couple was a constant source of inspiration, enabling him to express all nuances of tenderness, passion and sensuality. Along with The Kiss, Fugit Amor, Eternal Spring, Paolo and Francesca, The Eternal Idol is one of the most famous groups inspired by this theme.
Rodin chose to portray in this group the domination of woman over man who kneels before her in an attitude of adoration, and seems to pay an almost religious homage to an indifferent divinity. It should be noted out that the first title for this work was The Host, clearly indicating this notion of devotion. The composition of the group accentuates its psychological aspect; the deliberate vertical line formed by the woman’s arms and head contrasts with the diagonal of the man’s body and increases the impression of his dependence and respect.

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Rodin Museum, Paris


DimensionsHauteur : 16 cm Largeur : 13 cm Profondeur : 7 cmMaterial: Resin bronze patinaPublisher: Rodin Museum, Paris



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