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Vajradhara is the ultimate Primordial Buddha, or Adi Buddha, the highest deity in Tibetan Buddhism. Vajradhara is also known as Samantabhadra Buddha in some forms of Buddhism. The Five Wisdom Buddhas (Dhyani Buddhas or Celestial Buddhas) emanated from Vajradhara. The name Vajradhara means ‘Holder of the vajra (thunderbolt), implying that Vajradhara is the holder or protector of Tantrism. Vajradhara holds the vajra in his right hand (male) and the bell in his left hand (female). His hands are crossed at the wrists, over his heart, a gesture symbolizing the highest energy and the union of compassion and wisdom necessary to reach enlightenment. The hands are forming the Vajrahunkara (union) mudra. Vajradhara is often depicted in blue color. He can be represented alone sited in meditation pose or in a tantric depiction embracing his Shakti partner in yabyum position.

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