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Dipanjan Rai Chaudhuri, born in Kolkata in 1944, read Physics at Presidency College in the turbulent late sixties and early seventies, while breathing philosophy, politics and literature. Over the years, he alternated between physics and political activism—earning a PhD from London, spending a term in prison, teaching and publishing research papers in physics and also working with the Association for Protection of Democratic Rights. This strange mix led V S Naipaul to feature Dipanjan in one of his books, India: A Million Mutinies Now. He has published two volumes of poetry in Bengali, several books on the political economy of West Bengal, and books on science for children. He writes prolifically on current affairs, both in Bengali and English.


A Triptych presents three intense narratives set in distinctly diverse yet paradoxically convergent worlds, tailing the trajectory of some very unusual bonds… What makes this collection of three novellas a triptych is the intriguing carry over, from one narrative to another, of an intense mystery that not only negotiates unexpected twists, but defies the reader’s imagination, each time, with its atypical denouement.

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