Egyptian Amethyst Capped Bead Necklace
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Egyptian Amethyst Capped Bead Necklace


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The Museum has in its collection many pieces of jewelry that date to the Middle Kingdom (ca. 20401640 B.C.), when the height of refined jewelry-making was achieved in Egypt. Goldwork was at a peak during this period, and jewelers often interspersed gold with black and colored stones in magnificent compositions for necklaces and bracelets. Stone beads capped with gold or silver were also a popular jewelry style. Our Egyptian Amethyst Capped Bead Necklace is based on an original made of obsidian beads, gold caps, and cylinders that was found on the mummy of Reniseneb, a chieftain of Upper Egypt whose burial chamber was found at Thebes.
Sterling silver, with amethyst beads. Length 15 1/2 in.

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