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Sadhna Shanker is a multi-faceted wordsmith. Author, essayist and travel writer, her first book, Ahlan- wasahlan – A Syrian Journey was published in English, Hindi and Arabic in 2006. Her collection of essays When the PARALLELS MEET was published in 2007. Ms Shanker has been published widely including in the International Herald Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Hindu, Indian Express,
and Femina. This is her debut novel. A senior officer of the Indian Revenue Service, she lives in New Delhi.

What did the three of them have? Abha had Parul, Rekha a marriage and a lover, and Simran a steadfast longing for a man who refused to hold her hand. Not much, when life has so much to offer. Yet each stood at this crossroad by choice. Never a Disconnect is a journey. It is a multi-layered story of subtle an guish, yearning and hope, moving back and forth from past to present.
Abha, Rekha and Simran pass through the portals of Delhi University on a roller coaster ride of idealism, romance and dreams. Then they wake up. Meeting professional challenges, grappling with failed and failing relationships, parenthood, religious differences, and myriad expectations, they face life – with its simple joys and complex desires.
From mothers who lived for others, to daughters who try to live for themselves, there is always hope that perhaps, someday, granddaughters will actually live for themselves.

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