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Ashok Dilwali has mastered the art of capturing Nature in its various moods from the turbulent to the sublime, with his lenses. Every manifestation of Nature is for him, as for many of us, a divine creation. He presents Nature in a form and style unprecedented.
Dilwali has been regularly holding photography exhibitions and has won two gold medals in the International Photography Competitions in Austria (2005 and 2006). He also received the third prize in a photography competition held in USA in 2002.
He has more than a dozen books to his credit.


The Vedas are considered the oldest scriptures of mankind. Their message transcends barriers of race, creed or religion.
Today the nectar of the Vedas is restricted to scholars and priests. The present generation is unaware of the knowledge contained therein. There are two reasons for this—firstly, these are in Sanskrit, a language hardly spoken today, and secondly, their composition is terse, archaic and esoteric.
In Sayings from the Vedas a humble attempt has been made to fuse the verses with Nature photographs and distill the essence of the Holy Books in as pleasant a manner as possible for the benefit of the common man. The main motivating factor is to highlight the thoughts contained in the Vedas, which will remain relevant to mankind forever

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